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12 February 2011 @ 01:34 pm
Supernatural/Inception ~ Just an Ordinary Job  
Title: Just an Ordinary Job
Fandoms: Supernatural/Inception
Pairings: none (maybe a hint of Arthur/Ariadne?)
Rating: FRT
Word Count: 828
Summary: The Inception team tries to break into Dean Smith’s head for business secrets, but stumbles upon the dormant Dean Winchester personality.
Notes: Written for ammcj062's comment_fic prompt

The whole job was going off without a hitch. Normally, this wouldn’t bother the team, but Cobb had been on a bit of a paranoid streak ever since they took the job and his nerves were starting to make the whole team jittery. If Arthur was honest with himself, this job was a little weird, but perhaps he was a bit cynical after the complicated job they had to pull for Saito. Ariadne had constructed a beautiful representation of the Sandover Bridge and Iron Inc., if anyone asked Arthur’s opinion (no one did), and Eames easily disarmed Dean Smith’s subconscious as his boss, Mr. Adler.

Arthur watched as the dream versions of Sandover employees milled around, completely at ease with the team walking around like they owned the place (though in Eames case, that was expected). It was eerie, how very unprotected Mr. Smith’s mind was. Usually by now they were getting at least a couple of second glances from the subconscious.

Dean Smith calmly followed ‘his boss’ and the three ‘representatives’ of a possible new client to Mr. Adler’s office, unaware of how close he was to having whatever business secrets he kept safe stolen from him. Inside the office, Eames pulled on a seemingly random book on the large bookshelf that lined the back wall and everyone watched Dean Smith’s reaction as the bookcase parted to reveal a door. Now the proper look of unease was starting to show on the man’s face, and Arthur knew that they only had a bit more time before they would be caught.

As Eames, still disguised as the boss, distracted Dean Smith, Cobb rotated the combination lock on the door slowly, ear pressed to metal to hear when the tumblers fell. Ariadne hovered near the window to keep a look out for any signs that the subconscious of Mr. Smith was finally getting with the program. Fortunately for them, Cobb had the door open in record time and, as the wail of sirens in the distance heralded their deadline, Cobb swung the heavy door in.

There had been many strange things that Arthur has had the chance to experience, working with Cobb. Inception was by far the most extreme, but what Dean Smith had hiding behind that safe door was the most unexpected. Inside, a man identical to Mr. Smith sat bound to a chair, gagged with a tie and obviously out for the count if the knot on his head meant anything. The team didn’t know what to do.

As they all stood there staring, Dean Smith walked forward with hesitant steps. “What the Hell? What’s going on here? Mr. Adler, is this some kind of joke?” Eames ignored him. Before Mr. Smith could get too worked up, his doppelganger on the chair began to stir and the team held their breath as he opened his eyes.

Arthur could see now that this was the real Dean Smith, or whatever his name was. Where Mr. Smith was made of muted colors and seemed to move with robotic movements, this new man was vibrant and organic looking. Ariadne, before anyone could stop her, stepped into the exposed room and removed the gag from the man’s mouth. Arthur wished she hadn’t as soon as she had.

“Untie me right now, you bitch! I’m going to kill every last one of you black eyed fuckers!”

“Well, he’s a charming fellow, isn’t he?” Eames dropped his disguise and lit up a cigarette.

“Fuck you, asshole!” The man pulled at the ropes keeping him on the chair, muscles in his neck flexing.

Eames didn’t miss a beat. “You’re not my type, pretty boy.”

Arthur ignored the slurs thrown back and forth and approached Cobb. “What are we going to do? This wasn’t in the plan.”

“We’re going to leave as soon as Yusuf gives us the kick. Dean Smith has no business secrets, at least he doesn’t anymore. Someone has messed with this man’s mind in a major way, and I don’t want to see what happens when whoever is on that chair gets loose.”

“Couldn’t we just shut the door?”

Cobb shook his head. “The Dean Smith who’s in control right now has already seen him. He won’t remember anything when he wakes up, but his subconscious will know something’s not quite right in his mind and start picking apart whatever’s been done to him. Sooner or later, this….personality will be set free.”

Arthur nodded, and reached into the room to pull Ariadne away from the personality as the first strings of the warning song echoed in their minds. Eames joined them and almost as one they disappeared in front of the two different Deans.

They left the man in his bed in his apartment, and Ariadne was kind enough to set his alarm for six a.m., instead of five thirty. Arthur didn’t know who was responsible for messing with Dean Smith’s mind, but he hoped he never ran across them.